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“LAHOCHI” (English version) : Discover all the potentials of Lahochi, a simple energy healing system that is accessible to all !


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Lahochi is an impressive energy healing technique, acknowledged for its simplicity, its power and its efficiency.

Accessible to all without any prerequisite, Lahochi is taught over a day and gives all necessary tools to practice energy healings of a remarkable quality for oneself or others.

However, many of those practicing it ignore a great part of its amazing potential.

Starting from this observation, Didier Combé felt the need of sharing his experience and his knowledge of the Lahochi as well as his many discoveries after several years of practice. 

This book was written to help everyone who wants to discover this wonderful energy technique as well as showing under a different light this wonderful gift from the higher spheres to anyone already practicing or teaching Lahochi.

Simple and additional techniques will also allow to go further into one’s way to benefit from the Lahochi’s energy.Unique channellings will establish a solid ground in order to understand the foundations and the depth of this energy system.

This book is truly unique, on more than one level!



Didier COMBÉ is a certified Lahochi Master for more than 10 years.

After a career in human resources, he dedicates himself to promoting and teaching Lahochi, this exceptional technique, after having made many discoveries and channellings.

Psychic and channelling several beings of Light, he teaches, in France, traditional Usui Reiki as well as several other energy systems of the new golden age.

He also proposes energy healings, spiritual coaching, he practices past life’s regressions through Hypnose Spirituelle® and he provides sound healing with Sacred Solfeggio Tuning Forks.


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